I will be sharing various media arts oriented resources and links here, such as work I've produced, contributed to, am testing out, or that I have found to be useful. 

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Book (forthcoming Routledge, October 2024): 

Media Arts Education: Transforming Education Through Multimodal Cognition, Holistic Learning, and Techno-Embodiment

National Media Arts Standards

CA Media Arts Standards

CA Media Arts Framework

LAUSD Media Arts Standards (2011)

The State and Future of Media Arts Edu - CA-US Presentation on Media Arts at the 1st Media Arts Edu Symposium at Grand Arts HS in LAUSD - provides an introduction to Media Arts, a brief history and current status.  Portions of this presentation regarding Maryland were produced by Barbara Liedahl of the Media Arts Committee, National Coalition for Core Arts Standards

California Association for Arts Education (CAEA) Presentation on Media Arts for Chromebooks and Remote Learning - Really, just a good overview of the categories of media arts education, points on teaching each, tools and learning sequences, all accessible to chromebook production.

CAEA Media Arts Intro - Remote/Blended © 2020 by Dain Olsen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Student Lesson - Photography 101

Photo students jump right into  sophisticated photography with these three concepts - Color, composition and drama.

Teacher Handbook - Video Production

A comprehensive introduction to video production, published by CREATE CA, the alliance for arts education, for their Student Voices Campaign. Student produced videos are to advocate for the arts or other student priorities in schools.

Student Guide -

Using this interactive, wild and expressive painting tool, which is free and online, students can have fun and be creative while they learn. This lesson will guide students in using Bomomo to make better compositions through using the rule of thirds and the principles of focus and balance.

Teacher Lesson Plan -

This is the teacher's guide for the Bomomo project, with standards, enduring understandings, a rubric for strong compositions, and step by step directions for a successful and fun lesson.