Art & Media


My art and educational work are cross-feeding and co-evolving. My aspiration within education is towards the full creative and knowledgeable empowerment of learners to envision and recreate their world. I consider art just a more open, integrative, holistic and experimental approach to education. Artists form learning experiences, and are experiential designers and teachers through alternative forms. We shape a more embodied - aesthetic, psycho-emotional, holistic, approach to knowledge and understanding. 

I am an intermedia artist. I work primarily with sound and music. From sound emerges image, sequence, dynamic, force and emotion. My media work is often multi-channel, multimodal and immersive in sound, video, sometimes integrated with live presentation.

I integrate various forms, elements and components into a diversity of projects, products and experiences. Ideas, images, emotions and intentions gain fluency, amplification and embodiment through technological and physical production. Media arts is a vehicle for co-emergent creative expression and design. Our collective work is a result of the collaboration of people and media technologies as an aesthetically synthesizing interface. 

My philosophical focus is the interrelationship between humans, technology, nature, primal psychology, mythology and spirituality. I consider machines to be a living, electro-neurological extension of human being. 

I do some traditional forms of visual and media arts - drawing, painting, etching, sculpture, mixed media, as well as videos that are promotional, informational and documentary.

Artistic Exhibitions (selected) – Specialization in Intermedia, including sculptural, environmental, installation-based video, music and sound; traditional and electronic mixed media; multi-channel media production for theatre and exhibitions; interactive (code, circuitry) sculpture  

2010 Nokia Theater                                               Los Angeles, Ca

1999 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions         Hollywood Athletics Club

1998 Southern Oregon State University                Ashland, Or.

1996 Theatre Artaud                                              San Francisco, Ca

         E.Z.T.V.                                                       Hollywood, Ca

1995 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions         Los Angeles, Ca

         University of California                                 Irvine, Ca

1994 7th Street Market                                           Los Angeles, Ca       

1993 University of California                                 Irvine, Ca

1992 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions         Los Angeles, Ca

F.A.R. Exhibitions                                              Los Angeles, Ca

1991 Lincoln Center                                              New York, NY

         Irvine Fine Arts Center                                  Irvine, Ca    

1990 Santa Monica Museum of Art                       Santa Monica, Ca

         University of California                                 Irvine, Ca

1989 San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival       San Francisco, Ca

         Chapman University College                         Orange, Ca                          

1988 SMarts Video Festival                                   Santa Monica, Ca

         Claremont College                                        Claremont, Ca

1987 Southern Oregon State University                  Ashland, Or

1986 Technical University, Nova Scotia                 Nova Scotia

1983 Bergen’s Kunstforening                                 Bergen, Norway

1982 Sushi Gallery                                                San Diego, Ca

1990-1993    Owner         Blue Ghost Video

         Industrial video and animation; media for theatre and exhibition